Top 5 Phonics Alphabet Songs

top phonics songs for teaching the alphabet

Top 5 Phonics Aphabet Songs What is the first step children must take when learning how to read? Why, learning the alphabet of course. For over a century, the ABC song has been the go-to method of teaching toddlers those all-important letters. Generations of emerging readers have grown up inviting unspecified masses to “come sing … [Read more…]

3 Great Ideas from the “Faith in God” Program

Faith in god ideas, lds gospel habits

LDS “Faith in God” Ideas For quite a while, I had been planning to write a post with activity ideas to be used in connection with the LDS “Faith in God” program…and then I read this on the church website: “New Initiative for Children and Youth Development… Beginning January 1, 2020, activity and achievement programs … [Read more…]