“Come Follow Me” 2019

A look at the new 2019 "Come Follow Me" curriculum

  A Look at the New “Come Follow Me” Curriculums During the Saturday morning session of General Conference, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints around the world were shocked and delighted to learn that Sunday meetings will be shortened from three hours to two hours, starting in January. Nursery leaders … [Read more…]

3 Great Ideas from the “Faith in God” Program

Faith in god ideas, lds gospel habits

LDS “Faith in God” Ideas For quite a while, I had been planning to write a post with activity ideas to be used in connection with the LDS “Faith in God” program…and then I read this on the church website: “New Initiative for Children and Youth Development… Beginning January 1, 2020, activity and achievement programs … [Read more…]